The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo

The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo is an illustrated, rhyming children s book that connects the characteristics of various zoo animals to the major social skills characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder. In the Kalamazoo Zoo there are a lot of animals that have ASD. The book demonstrates how these animals exhibit specific characteristics, eccentric behaviors and special needs. These animals with ASD handle their diagnosis, challenges and successes by learning to live in harmony with the other social and neuro-typical animals. The goal of this book is for children to recognize their own characteristics and learn how to capitalize on them or adapt for greater success in the social realm. This resource can be used with children and their peers to talk openly about diagnosis, challenges and differences when it comes to ASD. Professionals can also use the resource in schools or clinics. What a fun way to teach Autistic Spectrum Disorders/Asperger through the eyes of animals - all different in their sizes, origins, color and demeanors.

Price: 25.00 AUD